Shinami is coming to Aptos! We’re about to launch our Gas Station so you can improve user onboarding and retention by sponsoring your users’ gas fees.

To celebrate the launch, we’ve partnered with the Aptos Foundation to launch a gas credits program! 25 teams will be selected to receive up to 1,000 APT in Shinami Gas Station credits. Selections will be finalized on May 31st.

Eligibility criteria:

  • App must be live on Aptos mainnet by May 31st with a minimum of 1,000 transactions per week
  • App agrees to a campaign on X highlighting their project and usage of gas credits
  • For DeFi apps, must have a submitted audit report and multi-sig for treasury management
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Customized for your app
Abstract away gas fees during onboarding, incentivized interactions, or throughout your entire user journey.
Improved UX for your app
Remove the friction of users needing to have APT already before being able to use your app.