Powering top apps on Sui

Powering innovative crypto teams

Delight your users

Improve onboarding and user engagement

Remove friction for users trying to onboard and use your app.


Simplify onboarding by not requiring users to purchase SUI to have their first interaction with your app.
An NFT being minted on the Sui blockchain using Shinami Gas Station

Incentivize engagement

Encourage user behaviors on your app by removing gas fees for specific activities.
A proposal being voted upon on the Sui block chain using Shinami Gas Station

Easy implementation

Zero maintenance

Implement your user acquisition and engagement strategies without ongoing overhead.
A blue Shinami gas pump
Gas tracking
Shinami provides real-time status updates on gas credits used for sponsorship.
A blue Shinami fuel gauge
Automatic refueling
Shinami will automatically rebalance and manage gas credits for sponsorship.