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import { JsonRpcProvider } from '@mysten/sui.js';
const provider = new JsonRpcProvider("wss://sui-devnet.shinami.com/ws/v1/ACCESS_KEY");

// create a subscription to see events for transferObjects
const subscriptionId = await provider.subscribeEvent(
  { EventType: 'TransferObject' },
  (event: SuiEventEnvelope) => {
    // handle subscription notification message here. This function is called once per subscription message.

// to unsubscribe, call 'sui_unsubscribeEvent' with params: [ subscriptionId ]
const subFoundAndRemoved = await provider.unsubscribeEvent(subscriptionId);

import { JsonRpcProvider } from '@mysten/sui.js';
const provider = new JsonRpcProvider("https://sui-devnet.shinami.com/api/v1/ACCESS_KEY");

const suiSupply = await provider.getTotalSupply("0x2::sui::SUI");


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Whether growth is predictable or faster than you imagined, your app will seamlessly scale to meet the demand.
Auto Scaling
Infrastructure designed to scale node usage infinitely.
5 Shinami nodes working in-sync on the Sui blockchain showing 100% data accuracy
Data Accuracy
Maintain data consistency even as you scale to multiple nodes.